Can I still get a grey reissue, 2005 edition perhaps??

  1. Do u think it's still possible? let me know if you see one.. thanks.
  2. Your only bet would probably be on eBay.
  3. Oh iceearl I hope you find one. The color is soooo pretty and i just love mine!!
  4. I too have grown to like this bag more and more ...would love to get one...but a bit scared of eBay....
  5. Don't rule out eBay; it may be the only place to find one. Just be sure to run it by the authenticators here and look at the pictures carefully, ask questions. If need be ask for better or more pics. Ask what the condition is, if there is any doubt. I've had good ebay experiences for the most part and have purchased: a jumbo purple flap, a black 2005 reissue and the heart chain. The latter was in need of help but worth rescuing. Don't give up the search!
  6. Thanks ladies.... yap, the color is growing on me too, I will continue my search, 2005 or new reissues, I hope you'll get one that you like too.....