Can I still find Vert Gazon Giant day somewhere?

  1. Not sure if this is the proper place to ask...but i just find that this combination start to grow on me recently even though i do not usually carry green color at all.

    I know it might have been sold out everywhere but does anyone know any store still has it (not the new hobo style)? Please let me know. Thanks!:heart: :heart:
  2. aloha rag should have some.
  3. Thanks! I will check them out!
  4. ^ Thanks, kmtlred, that's my auction. I wish I could keep the bag, but my husband insists that since I've quit my day job to focus on my store I can't justify a new bag now :crybaby:
  5. Neimans in Tysons Corner VA had one on Saturday
  6. Thank you all! I will try to grab one before they are gone. And if not, i will come back and drool over the pictures on the eBay....and maybe have enough courage to take it =)))
  7. Hi Corey, i saw this auction and the bag is gorgeous. Can't wait to hear more gd news abt ur store....:yahoo: :yahoo: Unfortunately, i need to save my $$ for my other wishlist bbag or else this bag is really worth gettin it esp the color is VG......:p :p
  8. ^ Thanks, Celia. :flowers: And good luck, Magicbug!
  9. The retail price for this bag is $1,245...I hope you can find it somewhere...I would be surprised if it is completely sold out.

    Try the Neiman Marcus in Paramus, NJ.