Can I still find this color muse in stores?

  1. CAn I still find this color?

    I love it!!!!

  2. It looks brown/chocolate...I haven't seen it in Minnesota. What color is it? It seems you found the pic at Nieman Marcus.?
  3. yes i did! but cant find it on the Neiman Marcus site anymore
  4. i bought it at NM about a month ago...although I was just there recently and they didn't have anymore. You should call a store and have a SA help you locate one. That's what I did for my tribute quilted patent one. They were very helpful!
  5. No, its not chocolate. Here's a pic of my chocolate Muse; the brown is so dark that it looks almost black in some lighting.

    (I think YSL may have called that color above "oak." EDIT: On second thought, that could also be "biscotto." Both of those colors came out more than a year ago, and they were lighter browns/tans. There was also an "orange," fyi, that was more tan that actual orange.)

  6. ^It`s not Biscotto, because that`s still available on the Bergdorf site and the tone is more orange than the one pictured above...
  7. I bought that bag at Neiman Marcus a month ago. The SA told me that it was Caramel. But since I've never heard of that color muse, I figured he didn't know what he was talking about. I think it's Taupe.
  8. If you still have your controllato cards and all, the color should be stated on it. I thought this was caramel, too!