Can I still find the Quilted Elise?

  1. Hello guys,

    I know the Quilted elise was part of the spring/summer 2006 but for some reason I cant stop thinking about it!

    I really want it and I'm hoping that some of you MJ experts can help me. I know they're sold out - but i'm hoping that maybe maybe a small store or an online store or even eBay (only if its authentic) will have one!

    Thanks guys
  2. I've seen a few authentic's show up on eBay - you have to be diligent about checking it every day, then getting them authenticated here before bidding - I've seen a lot of faked quilted elises on there recently as well...
  3. I recentlycalled around looking for a Black Quilted Elise myself and they are soldout everywhere! The MJ Boutiques still have them in Almond or Topaz though. I ended up snagging a Topaz off eBay for 1/2 retail so just keep your eyes peeled. But, if it's the Black you're and I are probably gonna be in a bidding war! :p
  4. lol noo its not black. I'm after midnight blue or blush!! I really want one!
  5. To my knowledge, the patent Ursula Elise collection is sold out everywhere. They very rarely pop up on eBay so when they are listed they attract a lot of attention. Just be patient and I'm sure you find one eventually. Good luck!
  6. I am on a hunt too! Do you guys know if this bag was ever made in the brown tone color?

    Are all of the quilted versions have gold hardware right? I wouldn't mind the plain version with the silver hardware, but I'm guessing that those are pretty hard to find as well.

    I finally found a bag that I really want only to find out I can't have it. Ughhhh!