Can I still find a black patent reissue?

  1. I love this bag and i was wondering if its to late to get hold of one?
    Does anyone own this bag?
    Here is a picture of sienna miller carrying one, and can anyone tell me what size this is?
    Thanks! :smile:
  2. call donna santus or damien from Saks bala cynwyd they have a black patent in stock.
  3. Thank youu!!
    Do you know what sizes?
  4. *sophie*
    there is one listed on eBay right now.
    Good luch in your search.
  5. Im going to New York in october, will the bag still be available then? Thanks! :smile:
  6. i know they have it in the 227 i am not sure about the other sizes. it might not be there in october I am not sure
  7. Thank you so much Jen :smile:
    How do I find the number for Saks?
    Do you know how much they retail for as the eBay seller is asking for $2950?
  8. I believe if you want it, you should grab it already because Reissues are soo much in demand.
  9. I think i might, no matter how much my parents try to tell me not to!
    Can i ask how much you paid for your navy patent?
    Thanks :smile:
  10. They have one on ebay at the moment!
  11. Is the price the ebay seller is asking for how much they retail for??
  12. You can check the RRPs under the Chanel reference library... it is probably listed there. My guess is that RRP is probably around $2395 but I'm not sure

  13. The Patent Reissues in 227 is $2375 + tax
  14. Thanks!
    So ladys i need your help! Shall I ring Saks in bala cynwyd and see if i can get one shipped to my friends house in LA, or should i go for the one on ebay??