Can I still find a Balduc twilly?

  1. the sa said more will be coming in, she says this for 4 months now.Does anyone know if they are discontinued or I can still find it anywhere. Thanks so much
  2. You need to find a Bolduc Twilly Angel!
  3. ^^ lol, and thanks Rose, i will try NM . Never thought of that!!!!
  4. Neiman Marcus does have them. I just purchased the black and orange one. I have been trying to locate the pink and pink one, but haven't had any luck. All NM claim to be sold out of it.
  5. NM in SF had a bunch of the black/orange. :yes:
  6. i just bought a black and orange from NM, and i think there may be more. Also, i saw a few (including the pink on pink) bolduc on eBay. Definitely worth a look!