Can I still eat frozen yogurt?

  1. Hi everyone... I know I've heard that frozen yogurt from a machine is not ok, please say it isn't so. Any thoughts?
  2. Why wouldn't that be okay :confused1:? Am I just being dense? Honestly- I've never heard this before, perhaps someone can enlighten me.
  3. I've heard it on the news about soft serve ice cream machines having a possibility of giving listeria to pregnant women because they are not kept clean enough or at the correct temp. If the place keeps the machine well maintained then you should be okay, but you would never know.
  4. Wow, I've never heard of that.
  5. I think we are getting way way way too paranoid these days about things. Have you ever heard of anyone getting listeria from an icecream machine? I haven't and I eat it all the time without worry. I eat deli meat too lol
  6. I agree with Ive_flipped, I think you can worry yourself to death about everything. I would use your best judgement. Going to an ice cream store is probably fine, I just wouldn't eat it from a gas station quick mart.
  7. I don't think you really have to worry about anything from frozen yogurt :nogood:
    I ate almost whatever I wanted when I was pregnant, and my baby is VERY healthy!
    I ate deli meats, though not a whole lot. I ate lots of feta cheese. Not every day, but you get the idea!
    I think you'll be OK as long as you don't go to some hole in the wall place with a bad critique.
  8. i have been eating deli meats too...i was craving a subway sandwich. so i just make sure to get them's yummy and so satisfying. and i have never heard about the frozen yogurt machines before. and honestly i don't ever remember any of my doctors telling me that i couldn't eat deli meat. they warned against the tune [i could have 1 can a week], caffeine, cheeses, sea food, raw meats. but it's on the list, so i make sure it's heated up.
  9. I totally agree. I'm not ashamed to say I eat deli meats, caffeine, sushi (my OB is one of the most-respected in the city and said it was totally fine), and sleep/exercise lying on my back. Honestly- I think there's a level of hysteria surrounding pregnancy that I just don't understand and can't buy into, but I'm sure many disagree with me and that's fine.
  10. It's hard, because as soon as you're pregnant of course you start craving all the things that you're not supposed to have and the list seems to keep getting longer and longer. Here in Singapore my oby/gyn only cautioned me against eating raw fish but apart from the the very occasional lapse (ham and brie sandwich, pepperoni) I try to err on the side of caution. It only takes one little bit of bad luck and something could go horribly wrong and I'd hate myself if it was because I couldn't exercise enough self restraint.
  11. :yes:
  12. i also wake up sleeping on my back. i start out on my sides and then i wake up and im on my back. i don't freak out like i did with my first son...i just lay there and enjoy the feeling and then slowly roll back onto my side. i really miss sleeping on my back all night through but my legs seem to go to sleep.
  13. One of the most respected OBs in Canada just did a huge research study on the whole sleeping on your back thing and found that it was NOT something to be concerned about at all. Basically, the general outcome was that if you are lying on your back and feel dizzy, THEN you should move- but that you would be feeling a strong physical manifestation of any blood flow being cut off to your own body and therefore the baby's. If you don't feel it, everything is fine!
    As well- with raw fish, it's the parasites they worry about which are so incredibly rare as to almost be non-existent with the flash-freezing they are obligated to do with all raw fish (in Canada at least). These parasites can only make YOU sick, not the baby, so I figure it's a calculated risk.
  14. You could get food poisoning from ANYPLACE that doesn't clean well enough or keep foods at the proper temps. Should a pregnant woman forego eating out for the entire 9 months? Ridiculous.