Can I still buy????????

  1. Has anyone seen a 2.55 reissue in 227 in grey? Locations, phone #s, SA names - anything would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Saks NYC had one last week. I hate all of the SAs there, but Alex is the lesser of the evils.
  3. Thanks, I'll call him.
  4. Yeah, I have to agree that the sales associates at Saks in NYC are not very helpful.

    I did get a nice one last week. Her name was Rosemary.:yes:
  5. I saw one at the NM in San Diego a few weeks ago--I think they might have it in the back now unless someone bought it. Give them a call! The number is 619.691.6200. Good luck!
  6. The hard one to find is the 226. There are definitely still 227s around.