Can I still buy a large chain hobo????? No where to be found!

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  1. Ok- I honestly have not been shopping for a while. However, I now want and can actually buy a large chain hobo (monogram) and it is nowhere to be found! Neiman's HAD it reduced and it is now 'discontinued' ( i emailed and called). I looked on and it was not there. Am I too late or will it be possible that I can find it at the outlets or elsewhere?Help!:nuts:
  2. Try the St. Augustine outlet - I'm positive they had that bag in stock when I was there in Dec.....good luck!
  3. yep.. call up the gucci outlet.. and they might still have one..
  4. look around the outlets ( Gucci, NM Last Call, Off5th), but if not, your best bet would be eBay or other resellers
  5. They have it in brown at the Seacacus Outlet $949, I called today.
  6. Thank you! I am going to call tomorrow morning- wish me luck!
  7. Anyone know if they'll price match Neiman's price at the outlet?
  8. I was wondering the same thing!!!