Can I ship to an unconfirmed address if...

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  1. I fully insure and have separate signature confirmation?

    I only resell bags every once in a while. This one is on Bonanzle (not sure that matters?), buyer has credit card issued in Philippines but lives in California, so the shipping addy is unconfirmed.

    I am very hesitant to do this but she has some good feedback on *bay. She seems very nice and wants the bag, and I want to sell it! LOL. But obviously want to be protected. She keeps saying as long as I cover myself with sig confirmation and insurance, I'll be fine.

    Thank you!
  2. No! Don't do it !
    I am not an Ebay/Bonanzle expert by any stretch of the imagination, and you will soon get good advice here from those that are.
    BUT one thing I know for sure is NEVER ship to an unconfirmed US address!
    Be careful!
  3. Thank you Leslie!!

    I think I knew that was going to be the answer but the potential buyer keeps giving me all the reasons I SHOULD send and I was feeling guilty. I won't do it :smile: Thanks.
  4. It is depend on what level of seller protection on your Paypal account. Some of us, NO NEED to ship to confirmed address, we only need to ship it to the address on the transaction page.
  5. How do you know if you NEED to or not? ugh, sorry to sound dense. I checked my Paypal acct and they actually say it's best to ship to confirmed but not required? This is in the generic tips.

    Well, I just told the buyer I couldn't do it. I feel bad, and I want to sell the bag (and get a new one! LOL), but I'm so freakin paranoid about these auction sites and Paypal. ugh.
  6. i think you made the right decision....why take a chance?? there will be another buyer for your bag....better to wait then to lose the bag and your money potentially...
  7. As long as you ship to the address stated on their paypal account you should be covered. PP only confirms US and UK addresses. Since I´m in Sweden my PP address is not confirmed (only verified I think).
  8. :yes: Exactly my thinking. Thanks. I was just feeling her frustration because she's probably legit. She should get a cc registered here!
  9. I don't fully understand the "CONFIRMED" address thing. My confirmed address is the one tied to my credit card - which is my house. I hate having anything shipped there because no one is home to receive it during the day, then they leave a notice and I have to drive halfway across town to pick it up. I always have things delivered to my work address - although it shows as "unconfirmed", but so far no one seems to mind. The address is listed in paypal as my secondary address though.

    If it's listed in paypal as an address - isn't that good enough??
  10. For some of us, the unconfirmed address payment has the ELIGIBLE protection mark on the payment page.
    And if you're remember, Paypal e-mailed us way back that we can now ship to unconfirmed address as far as we shipped it to the address on the payment page.
    But its probably this was NOT for every one.
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    Do not send to unconfirmed address. You can refund their PP payment. Smells like a scam. But if she is on the up and up, she can officially add that other address on PP.
    You will need to do the new deal after they straighten it out with PP (to send with new address).
  12. I agree, if you do not that level of protection with Paypal, do not send it to an un-confirm address. Why risk it.
  13. Don't risk it.
  14. Yup, this was also my understanding-but I can understand maybe some Paypal user (seller) were not being updated by Paypal on its new policy, etc. In any event, I from time to time (to my repeat buyers) still ship items (mainly Hermes and Louis Vuitton) to Europe (including Italy!) because I am sure I will be covered by Paypal, as all those transaction showed as ELIGIBLE. I would not did this even if the page said PARTIALLY ELIGIBLE.
  15. Clear this up by calling PP to see how and if you are covered?:yes: