Can I Share My New Goodies?

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I got my last package in today and I wanted to take a picture of this month's purchases.
    I'm so excited and can't wait to carry them all. Thanks for letting me share =)


    Including pics of my old stuff and April purchases so I can have them all in one thread =)



    (last pic is a collage of my April purchases but I've returned/sold the zip, lilac hobo, and tote)
  2. Holy Cow! Those are just your purchases from April and May?! Great collection!
  3. WOW!!!! I LOVE the Katy Legacy Stripe Tote and the Crimson Stripe Hamptons Tote! GORGEOUS! Amazing collection, I want it all! :drool:
  4. W-O-W! You have a spectacular collection! Thank you for sharing. Love the black leather carly and the katy bag!
  5. ((Packs bags and sleeping bag, finds pyari's house, moves in))!!:graucho:

    Can you say, WOW!:wtf::drool:
  6. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the red and white's stunning! What is that one called and you get that in from Jax or a dept. store?
    Love it all...impressive!
  7. Pick me up on the way! I want to move in, too! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    WOW!! What a gorgeous collection!
  8. I am seriously in awe of your collection. I love legacy stripe stuff, do you know where I can still get that small legacy stripe bag you have? Its adorable.
  9. I am in awe !
  10. Can I get a ride? :yes:
  11. ^^Count me in, too! TPF house party at PyAri's! :party: :drinkup: :drinks: :party:
  12. OMG........... Lucky you.

    Thank you.... I showed my DH your collection now he won't hassle me for my lil one!!!
  13. Awwww! You guys are so sweet. The SO said, "Come on over, we have a grill now!" LOL. Speaking of which, thanks goes out to him for taking the time to do the pics for me =)

    All jokes aside, a tPf party does sound cool! Like a get together/meet up day we could plan and meet at a central location on a weekend or something? Granted we'd have to plan out a few months in advance. Any thoughts?
  14. ^^LOL^^:lol:

    Girl, I hope you have room!:greengrin:

    You make us Coach collectors proud!:tup:
  15. That would be sweet!

    The closest I could meet up is Boston, though.
    There are 3 other TPF'ers that I know of up here that could hitch a ride with me!