Can I share my 1st Coach?

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  1. OK, I'm a little old for being sooo silly but I am really excited! (I'm 40!) Last year I discovered designer bags and being naive, I ended up buying fakes. Well, long story short... I no longer purchase nor do I carry fakes cuz they make me feel bad, like I'm not worth the expense of a real bag. Plus I have grown to respect designers and owning a real bag is like owning a piece of the creative process... know what I mean? Anyway, I've purchased a few great bags including an Anna Corinna, Hayden-Harnett, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael by MK but this is my first Coach! :yahoo: I don't know why this is so exciting to me but it is and I wanted someone else to do the happy dance with me! I chose this one because it's simple, roomy and practical. Thanks for celebrating with me! (I think she needs an accessory now!) :graucho:

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  2. Congratulations on your new bag. She's a beauty. Enjoy her and watch your Coach collection grow:yes:

    P.S. You are NOT TOO OLD. I'm older and tomorrow I am purchasing a Legacy Satchel and I am not going to be able to sleep tonight. Not one bit I tell ya:yes:
  3. Congrats!!!!!
  4. congrats on your first coach bag!

    hehe. there are the legacy wallets that would match it, not perfectly since those are trimmed in ebony.

    but i love the hamptons slim envelope, i have that in black, and the wristlet.

    ;) we have ones to match your bag perfectly.
  5. Congratulations! How exciting. That is a wonderful and very useful bag. I am sure you will love it!
  6. Congrats! Great choice. Thanks for sharing.:party:
  7. Congrats!! Great choice for your first bag!
  8. Nice bag!! Congrats!
  9. congratulations!!
  10. Congrats on the bag...beautiful....there is something about Coach thats classic.

    I took the plunge of designer bags a few years ago, but I've been taking things slow....but to be honest this forum is not helping becuase it gets me too excited about handbags.....
  11. Thanks, ladies!

    Mona_danya, you are sooo right! I'm already drooling over the Hampton bags! This forum is dangerous; it's full of enablers!

    And Highonhandbags, please share your new bag when you get her! I love the Legacy bags! They are gorgeous!

    Ms-whitney, thanks for the suggestions! It'll be fun to look at new accessories when I'm ready to purchase something!
  12. Congrats!!! Don't be ashamed of being SUPER excited about Coach...just walking into the store makes me go :party:
  13. Congrats on the beautiful bag! :yahoo: I don't think you can ever be too old to get excited over a new handbag. :supacool:

    Congrats again!

  14. Welcome and be careful - this site is addicting in and of itself and we are absolutely enablers!

    Congrats on your gorgeous first COACH!
  15. Congrats!! It is gorgeous, you are going to love it!! The tote is such a great bag!