Can I sell my bags to Milan station HK?

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  1. I have decided to sell some of my designer bags and since I do not want to sell the in ebay, I am thinking of selling it in Milan or Paris station in Hong Kong. Has anyone sold their bags to these shops? If yes, how does it work?
  2. You have to bring it down to the shop and someone there will assess the price to consign it for you. They don't buy 2ndhand bags from people, just consign.
  3. i brought my bag to Milan station before and they offered a really low price for buying my bag. Too low that I rather just keep the bag. But u can still bring your bag and have them quote u a price first and if the price matches what u have in mind then go ahead. Btw, they don't take everybag. They only pick certain style.
  4. Yup - they really "lowball" the value of your bag and they don't take style - just the ones that are popular - not to mention the customer service is not that great..

    If you have an LV its usually no problem - however expect that you get a really low price for it.. so low that it will upset you..

    I think they offered my almost new LV Batignolles (the small squarish one, with no patina yet) at 20% of the price I got it for - screw that - I am keeping it!

    By the way.. why don't you sell on ebay? Its really not that bad!
  5. Why not apply to sell them here? There are plenty of us newbies who would love to get ahold of some great pre-loved bags!
  6. ^Please re-read our rules.
    There's no selling, buying or trading.
  7. ^Uh, that wasn't an offer to buy/trade/sell. It was a suggestion to apply for Marketplaza. :confused1: I thought that is what that section is for.
  8. uh, if you had read our rules, you'd know when it's okay to apply for MP and that they're not even accepting applications now.

    You don't meet the criteria and you stated:
    . . .
    if you don't meet the criteria, how can you "newbies" buy from here?

  9. Swanky Mama - they are not accepting applications now? That's too bad - did something bad happened or something? Will you guys consider accepting appications in the near future?
  10. there's a thread in Site Feedback about it.
    It's just for now I believe.
  11. I thought I was supporting the board by making the suggestion. Sorry.

    And no, I don't qualify. My intention was to apply once I had reached 500 posts. Sometimes the written word doesn't come out as intended. It was not an attempt to circumvent any rules, simply the thought that new people would like to become involved in the community.