Can I sell a wrong Item I Received?

  1. Back in the first week of September, I bought computer RAM that my boyfriend needed off of eBay. I told my bf many times that in my opinion, buying computer stuff off of eBay was risky but of course he did it anyway.

    Anyway, I am away at school right now and my confirmed address is my home which is 3 hours away. Toward the middle of Sept. I did go home, and I packed up the package in my suitcase to come back to school with me for my BF. He opens it, and its the wrong piece, including the wrong packing slip.

    I emailed the seller, and his response is that he is aware the wrong piece was sent...he sent my BFs RAM to someone else instead. He told me he sent me the correct piece, and that according to his tracking, it has already arrived at my house the previous Wednesday. He also said he included a prepaid label for the wrong piece. I never received the right piece, so I emailed him back letting him know that I was home this past weekend and nothing had come in the mail. I haven't heard from him since, and it's exactly 1 month later.

    Now, do I have to report this as an unpaid item? Or can I just resell it? I talked to eBay Live and they said I need to report it to their trust and safety team, but last time I did that, they sent me some automated email that never answered my question. Any advice?
  2. You'd need to report it as an "item not as described" I believe.