Can I see your New Britt Medium Hobo?

  1. Hi everyone! This is my first post on tPF!! I'm going through a "must have new purse" phase right now and I've been eying the Gucci New Britt Medium Hobo. This would be my first Gucci bag! My only other designer purses are a Dior clutch and a small Loewe canvas bag. So it's time for me to venture out and get a larger size designer bag!


    Being that I normally carry small to medium sized bags, I was hoping to get more of an idea on the size of this purse with it on. I haven't been able to find this bag locally as they've all sold out. So before I buy it online, I wanted to see if anyone here can send me your photos of this bag .. preferably with it on! I'm a bit weary if the monogram will be too loud on such a larger size bag.

    I want to wear it on the shoulder, of course, but also to see if it would be cute to hang on my arm most of the time -- or is it too long to do that?

    I did see the photo another gal posted of it on ... I was hoping there were more out there! But hers was still very helpful :smile:

    This itch is making me anxious! I really wish I could try it on before I buy. arg... but it's so dang cute I ..must.. buy! :nuts:

    Thanks ladies!
  2. Hello Here are some pictures of mine. Sorry none of them are me modeling it

    I was at Nordstrums this weekend and I saw it there. They had the one with white trim there.

    Nordstrom Topanga (#341)
    21725 Victory Boulevard
    Canoga Park, CA 91303
    (818) 884-7900

    I think only 2 Nordstums carry Gucci this one and Seattle. But I could be wrong.

    I am pretty sure that the Neiman Marcus in San Diego California has the one with brown trim.

    One nice thing about Nordstrums and Neimans over Gucci they both have a MUCH better return policy if you change your mind. And you can call both of them and they will send it to you.

    Good luck. Keep us updated if you decide to buy it and how you like it.

    If you would like PM me and I will send you a pictue of me modeling it for you.
  3. I forgot to ask which color and trim did you want?
  4. Oh that is very helpful, thank you! I'm glad you showed me the photo with your other bags so I can get a feel for size. :yes:

    That is the exact one I want, the beige/ebony with white trim. It's beautiful!

    Seattle has 2 Nordstrom stores that sell Gucci, both stores are sold out.
  5. I :heart: :heart: :heart: this bag. I got it when I was window shopping at manhattan (I didn't plan on buying anything). I went to the gucci store and I saw this!!! I like to wear it on the shoulder because it fits nicely, and its light. but I dont have a photo to show you sorry =/ I kept telling my bf how much I love this bag and he said he would buy it for me if i really like it. (He suggested me to get the princy medium tote, but i prefer this one) So, i got one with the white trim too. :love:
  6. Have you found it yet?
  7. I have this bag as well with the white trim (hmmm...I might actually be that "gal" who posted the other pics of the bag).

    About being able to wear it on your arm, it might be a little long for that (although I am also a little short..ha ha). You'll see once you start putting stuff into it, that it has a nice "slouch" that actually looks quite nice when the bag is on your shoulder.
    Hope that helps?
  8. Thanks ladies! I almost got one from but *just* sold out a minute before I got to place the order! I may just buy direct from I'm going on a road trip to Portland so I'm hoping I can find one to try on.

    Moi, yes I saw the picture you posted! I'm glad to hear that it's more slouchy with stuff in the bag, I was worried it would be too stiff.
  9. I was at Nordstrums this weekend and I saw it there. They had the one with white trim there.

    Nordstrom Topanga (#341)
    21725 Victory Boulevard
    Canoga Park, CA 91303
    (818) 884-7900

    They can send it to you. Nordstrums is the best

    Keep us updated.
  10. ^ I just got the britt messnger version of this in brown trim..Its super cute!!!I even got it really cheap(580!)at Gucci in Aruba...super prices if you have any travel planned in the carribean!!Im going back to Aruba in April..LOL..Cant wait to get back to that Gucci store!
    the messenger is really handy as you can adjust the strap for shoulder length OR messenger.
  11. beljwl, thanks for the headsup! I'm totally going to buy it now. If for some reason it just doesn't work out, then at least I can return it locally. Hopefully they still offer the $5 shipping.

    I was just starting to re-think this bag because it's only 1.5" wide. Do any of you ladies have another picture of its side profile? Perhaps with some stuff in it, to see how it 'slouches'
  12. You have a great collection. Love every single bag.

  13. Thank you very much. I am out of control right now. I have 2 more bags on the way. Another
    'princy' large hobo but this one is in Black guccissima leather. Just like my brown one. And I am expecting a new LV also. I can't wait!!!!! Where the heck is Fed Ex.