Can I see your hubbys' wedding bands?

  1. We're trying to decide on a wedding band for my FI. Right now the only thing we both like is a plain platinum rounded edge band (about 3-4mm).

    Can I see pics of your husbands' wedding bands?
  2. I don't have a picture, but my DH wears a 4mm YG band that looks good on his finger, nice coverage.
  3. I will take one and post it later for reference. Its just a plain platinum band, pretty plain.
  4. My hubby wears a platinum band by Furrer Jacot,its got a kind of castellation design going round the middle,its all smooth and rounded off.Nice design and a little different,but plain enough to be alright for my hubby to wear!! Will try and post a pic later!!
  5. My hubby wears a 4mm YG band with a milgrain edge. His ring is what they call a comfort fit meaning the inside of the band is not flat but rounded to make it more comfortable.
  6. plain old gold band, not worth picturing...but all he wanted
  7. we haven't finalized our bands yet, but my df really liked this tungsten / platinum in-lay ring

  8. Tension set diamond titanium ring
  9. here is my hubby's ring
    CIMG3553.JPG CIMG3556.JPG
  10. all the men in DH's family work with their hands. they've found that gold bands get bent out of shape and break very easily. his brother has been through three gold rings in six years and his father went through five before he just stopped wearing it most of the time.

    DH didn't like the weight or cost of platinum so he decided on this titanium band instead. he decided on the takes up about half the width between his knuckle and hand. (sorry, i don't have any pictures) the brushed finish hides scratches and there's not a single ding, nick or dent in it. it looks as good as the day i received it (and bruce has AMAZING customer service) i highly recommend them if you want to go with something a little stronger/less traditional.
  11. [​IMG]
    Cartier white gold Love ring. Very cool.
  12. Hubby wears one like this Jeff Cooper except he has round diamonds and is 6mm.
    jeff cooper.jpg
  13. these are all so great! i don't have a DH (yet..;) ) but i'm liking the mokume-gane rings i've seen...
  14. My husband has the Cartier Tank Francaise ring