can i see your baby spy pics??

  1. hey ladies! i've been thinking about getting the baby spy, but not sure what color. can you post some pics of you wearing your baby spy? how roomy is it? ;)
  2. the baby spy is HHUUUGEEEE... Or at least much bigger than I expected for a BABY spy :smile: It fits my wallet (which is roughly about 11inches), LV agenda, phone, and a whole lot of other misc junk with lots of room to spare.
  3. :yes: LOTS OF ROOM......but the only thing I hate about it is I can't carry it on my shoulder...maybe if I was smaller??? Here is a pic of my baby...
  4. i think denim striped looks better with the baby spy,than the regular spy.
    so.....go for the denim.but if u want the leather one,go for cognac!
  5. i love your bag, mos!! please ladies!!!! i know there are more of you out there!! bring on the baby spies!!!