Can I see the entire collection anywhere?

  1. Is there anywhere I can see the entire bag collection for Chanel online? I'm trying to decide on my first Chanel.
  2. Try I don't know about the entire
    collection being anywhere online though all together.
  3. Thanks, I'll check it out
  4. We wish! :sad: Only in our wildest dreams...
  5. Okay so I can't see the entire collection online? If I go to the Chanel boutique will they have a catalog of their collection that I can look through and they can order it for me?
  6. Yes, if you have access to a Chanel boutique, they should be able to accommodate you.

    I think one of the reasons that the Chanel sub-forum is so popular here is because there is so little information/photos available online elsewhere about their bags (at least the authentic ones)...I guess the company thinks it kind of adds to the allure...
  7. Yeah, go to a Chanel boutique and they should have a look book of all the clothing and accessories that will be available for the season. It should have photos and color variations for everything.

    The Fall/Winter stuff have begun to arrive at stores since a few weeks ago, so I suggest you go very soon and put your name down for something that you like. If a style/color is popular, it can sell out very quickly.
  8. If you don't live anywhere near a boutique call a SA and tell her your problem, I receive info in the mail for every line they get.
  9. Chanel4me83 - That's a pretty lipstick color in your avatar. What is the name of it please and also the brand. TIA