can I see some Linen bbags? :)

  1. hi ladies! am very keen on the Linen bbags but cant seems to find more pictures of them being worn! can anyone post pictures wearing their Linen bbags? and also, any major concern rdg caring for these linen babies? thanks in advance!!!!!!!! :p
  2. I second that! I would love to see some PF members photos of these great linen bags. :drool: I still want one - I have been outbid on two that were on eBay, so I'm still on the hunt to add one to my collection! I love the raw linen.
  3. I think the linen bags are so pretty on other people, but the wrinkles aren't for me. I can't stand the wrinkling! I can't tell you how many times I've seen a gorgeous blouse or blazer and passed it up because it was made of linen.

    For some reason, I think linen looks chic and cool on others, but it makes me look like I slept in my clothes.
  4. Here's one from eBay....but the NEWER SPRING/SUMMER 07 linen bags that are out have very different linen compared to the pic below:

  5. i don't have any pics of them being worn, but these are from bob ellis...
    brief_canvasandbrown.jpg x10100013.jpg x10100014.jpg 2122007P1010028.jpg
  6. ^^ WOW all the pics look great! I love the color contrasts...but I see what Rondafaye means about the wrinkles.
  7. oh kimair! thanks for the lovely pics! esp love tat linen city with white leather trims! wonder how much it is...

    and rondafaye, i totally agree on the wrinkling part but im too attracted to its pretty outlook! hee...lets hope someone will show us her linen bbag and let us know if it is tat "wrinkly" :sweatdrop:

    thanks for ur input so far...cheers!
  8. Don't get me wrong . . . they are beautiful, but I'm weird about wrinkles.
  9. They look nice!
  10. I think they look great - thinking of getting myself one too
  11. They had a bunch of these in Barneys in Boston (Copley) when I was there Sunday - great for the summer!!:supacool:
  12. Somehow I still like the leather ones better :smile: