Can I See Pics Of...

  1. someone carrying this bag? I'm not sure how big it is in real life, also are these available at outlets and does anyone know what season they are from?





    i believe they are called mini sig lurex top handle satchel, any help would be appreciated!
  2. I don't have a photo of me carrying it, but I do have one of it next to a mini skinny. It at least gives you a reference point for the size. I got this one at the outlet during the Thanksgiving Midnight Madness Sale this past year.

  3. Holy cute bag! That is just precious!
  4. It is small. A nice evening bag.
  5. WOW, all i've got to say is WOW because that big made me go WOW when i first saw it a long time ago. i really don't remember what season it was but i have a feeling it's pretty old (correct me if i'm wrong). but....yeah, my interest has just resparked...i especially had my eye on the gold one. it is a darling clutch and hope the reference of the skinny next to the bag helped. it's truely amazing in person!!!
  6. It is very roomy. I fit a lipgloss, a mirror, cell phone and keys. This is meant for an evening bag.
  7. It's lovely, perfect for a night out.
  8. thanks! the mini skinny reference was a great help! and yes i agree with all of you, its a gorgeous bag :biggrin:
  9. ^You're welcome! I am glad that helped. It's a super cute bag!!! :yes:
  10. Madison Satin Mini Top Handles 8975: black purple silver (2004)
    There are also optic sig lurex framed8948

    I think mokoni's is a soho with a sworvski? crystal buckle. Mokoni is the tag still attached? The serial patch will indicate what year (the digits before the style number).
  11. That bag is adorable!!

  12. I think there's a picture of Lacey Chabert carrying one in the "Celebrities and Coach" thread. I'll try and find it if I have a chance later.
  13. i had a chance to get the gold one and i LOVE the look of it but its just too small for me , although i guess it is more of a going out bag then a casual one,, but still i like to carry a lot haha
  14. hey i found the pic with Lacey carrying it, and now I really want the black one!! :biggrin: