Can I see pics of your damier azur with patina?

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  1. :yes: TIA!
  2. Anyone?
  3. Oh, good question. I was *just* wondering this!
  4. Here is my Saleya with some pantina

  5. ^^ Beautiful purse!

    Anymore pics, anyone??
  6. I don't have pix store on this computer, but here's the link of my Azur Speedy 30. Got it since of Oct 06, treated w/SM, pix was taken yesterday, see post 4 Azur Speedy
  7. Here is my Speedy 30 with patina. Hope this helps!:tup:
  8. oooh i love the azur with patina...definitely my next bag!
  9. And who is that hottie next to your Saleya? He/she is sooooooooooo cute!! :nuts:
  10. Looks great with patina imo!
  11. when i first got her...feb '07


    took this pic just now.

  12. Very nice... i will post pixs of mine soon.
  13. I love the contrast of the patina with the cream colors of the azur! Definitely going to get an azur as my next bag!
  14. ahhh they look hot with patina
  15. very sweet the azur with the patina !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.