Can I see pics of your Black City?

  1. I just got a black city from Bal NY, in exchange for another bag (yes, it was the Blueberry!!). He asked what it was that I didn't like, and I told him that I thought the leather on the blueberry was a little too shiny and I was afraid it might stand out a little too much for every day. So, he brought out a fairly matte, black bag. Now that I'm home (of course!!!), I'm wondering if the black bag is TOO matte!!

    Could I see pictures of your black bags? Is it better to have a matte bag or a shiny bag? If I return this bag, Joseph is going to KILL me!!:tender:
  2. I am a fan of the matte bags. :flowers: Black is pretty matte. The F06 rouge and grenat bags have the more matte look as well. The F06 truffe has more shine to it.
    Black B-Bag City.jpg
  3. This is mine:smile: Also a matte black Bbag. Although, admittedly, I like the veining on the newer leathers, I simply love my black City's leather!!! It's super soft and smooshy. Really huggable, heh..:shame:
  4. I prefer matte ... but don't feel bad about exchanging again!! BTW - does the 10 day exchange period start over again after you get a new exchange?
  5. Personally I have never exchanged a bag but when I exchange any other item, I try not to do it more than once. Not because I think the SA will be angry but just to be decisive and the put the issue to rest. I hate that whole "I'm driving myself crazy" feeling.
  6. Hi. Can you post a picture of your black city? I have a credit at BNY and I've been waiting patiently for the F/W black bags to arrive. Is yours S/S06? I would love to see one with more matte leather.

  7. Here is my black city!
    black balenciaga.jpg
  8. I really want a black city, I think it would look best inbetween shiny and matte lol.:biggrin:
  9. socal, serentiysue and elongreach: thanks for posting. Your black bags are so pretty! The leather on your looks smoother than mine, but I hope that's just because mine is still new, and therefore, a bit stiff.

    Mine is fairly veiny, though I'm kind of partial to a bit of veiny-ness (is that a word?). I'm not sure if mine is TOO veiny though! I'd love your honest opinions. I can always ask Joseph for a different Black bag (he can't be too upset with me over that :smile:).

    shoegal: you are SO right about just making a decision and sticking with it! I'm so tired of thinking about this bag. I actually woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking about it! I've never had such angst over a bag before.

    livethelake: this bag is from the spring collection. They won't be getting the fall black bags in until all of the spring bags are gone (late August at the earliest is what I was told). However, Joseph told me that the leather for the black bags would be virtually identical. Hope that helps!

    kittykittycatcat: LOL, that's what I was going for -- something semi-matte and semi-veiny! I'm just afraid it looks a bit dry and old!!

    What do you gals think?
  10. OMG, your new black city is GORGEOUS girlfriend, she's a keeper :happydance:

    p.s. i can't believe the nyc store is open on the 4th of july?!?!
    p.p.s. below are 2 pictures of my black city b-bag (also s/s '06)
  11. I think your black City looks great! But maybe to make yourself feel better you could take it back and ask the SA to bring out a few different blacks and then you will be sure that you made the right choice. Don't worry about what the SA thinks. I'm sure many folks have done the same thing. This is a major purchase and you should feel 100% sure about your choice.
  12. Your Black City is gorgeous! Mine is actually even more matte than that--from Fall '04 as I recall so I really like the texture and slight sheen to your bag. It's awesome. I hope you keep it, but as others have mentioned, you have to be happy with it. Let us know what you decide!
  13. Great pics tkingny. LOL about Joseph - He told me the same thing about the black city's...I guess I just have to be patient and wait it out.

    My personal preference is the more matte, less veiny bags but yours looks like a good mix of the matte of the old leather with more texture.

    Let me know how you overcome the bag angst - I suffer from the same issues :smile:
  14. I honestly think your bag looks great, and keep in mind that as you wear them they change and look even cooler!
    Here is a picture of mine when it was brand new. I don't have my camera right now to take another photo, but it has already aged and become less "veiny."
  15. Here is pics of my 05' black city. Please excuse the monster looking arm:shrugs: in the pic.:heart: :biggrin: :heart:
    DSC03652.JPG DSC03649.JPG DSC03650.JPG