Can I see pics of you wearing vert gazon cities w/ rh? Help!

  1. I would love to see them! Many supportive pfers who understand my dillema of not wanting to pay $2000 or more for my HG apple green suggested this color. TIA
  2. Anyone??? ANyone out there?
  3. Im out here but Im no use to you as I have VG with GH and also an AG Twiggy, dont want to burst your bubble but they are very different..... VG is a primary colour very grass green and apple green is almost lime green. I love them both but they dont really compare to each other.....

  4. Are you considering the Apple Green City on eBay? I was checking that out too! Then I checked out my bank account.....still debating!!!

    But I love the "First" size more, so it is a hard decision!
  5. I was drooling over the city on eBay, but I just can't justify that much $$ for one bag being that the AG cities have been ending over $2000.