Can I see pics for Grey Balenciaga?

  1. I did a search on pics but some, I cannot tell what size is what? Can you tell I'm new to BBag? :shame:

    Can someone post pics of them wearing a Grey Balenciaga? I'm interested in seeing the First and the City bag. I cant decide which size and would love to see it on someone ;) Thanks!
  2. yes me too. would love to see pics.
  3. pewternicoleclassique.jpg
  4. ^^^yep
  5. Thanks redney!

    Can the First and City go on the shoulders?
  6. ^^^mee4, they can easily with the shoulder strap and a little snugly with the handles
  7. Thanks ladies!
  8. its pewter there... there are a few greys on eBay right now too! one of my fave neutrals!
  9. Here you of my grey city!!
  10. mee4, here's a picture of my beautiful '06 gray day hobo :love:
    DSCF2058 rev.jpg
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