can i salvage this necklace

  1. when i was really young, my aunt bought me a yellow gold necklace that says my name (think the Carrie necklace) but after about 20 yrs, it has lots of scratches and not a lot of shine left. how can i revive it? dont want to spend a lot of $ on this since i mainly wear white gold or silver now. thanks
  2. hi gabz!
    sorry to hear about your necklace -- have you taken it to a jewelry store yet? maybe take one that specializes in gold, and see if they can do anything for you! let us know how it goes :smile:
  3. If it's real gold and not just plated, take it to a jeweller and have them clean and polish it. They should be able to buff the scratches off it. Then invest in a polishing cloth and liquid jewellery cleaner- works wonders!
  4. ^ I totally agree!
  5. I would take it to a jewelry store or repair shop. They can clean it and buff out all of the scratches, and they'll leave it looking like new!