Can I return sale items from Mulberry online?

  1. Hi, I ordered my E/W bayswater bag for £277 from Mulberry online (sale item)
    Well this am, I noticed the price was £198, so I've ordered another one and want to send the first one back, just had a thought though, as to whether I can get refunds on sale items??
    I know it's only a saving of £70 but thought it was worth the trouble?
  2. just spoken to Dh who thinks legally they have to allow returns within 14 days so you should be ok. obviously you lose the cost of P&P.
  3. Surely they will let you return, if not, use the credit towards key ring or some little cute bauble!!! I checked that bag out on the site and its lovely!!! I also looked for any change in stock on the Annie and sadly, none are available in oak or choc. Oh well, just as well! But I've got the sicky cold stuff and it really would have made me feel better! KWIM! A little retail medication!! Good luck with your return!! My Mom would gave done the same thing!! She was an expert in returning for a better price!!!
  4. thanks, even loosing the P&P I will still save £65 to £70, so worth the hastle I think. I couldn't see anything to say you can't return items, but I know with the outlets it's exchanges only??

    I have been cheeky and emailed explaining that if they honour the cheaper price for the first bag I could cancel my second order, but I don't reallyexpect them to do this, but thought it may be worth a try??
  5. Legally as you are buying sight unseen they have to allow you to return within 14 days for a full refund. I've just bought the black Annie on a whim which I wouldn't have done if it were from the outlet where it is exchange only. I'd def send the first one back - £65 is still a lot to save!
  6. Hi there I purchased an Annie on Christmas Day at 30% reduction and then the price was reduced to 50%.I asked nicely if there was any chance I could get it at 50% and they said yes:wlae::wlae:
  7. What nice people they are at Mulberry!!
    Rachiem - I've just double checked the website re the returns policy and it is 28 days for a full refund. There is nothing to say it is any different during the sale so the policy clearly covers all purchases. At least we can get our money back if our impulsive purchases turn out to be a mistake (well in my case anyway!!)
  8. thanks aine1313, I have emailed asking whether it possible to reduce the first item and then cancel the second order? At least I've got options just in case as it's now out of stock...
  9. Racheim, I ordered the same bag you did and am so glad you started this thread. i didn't order a second bag, just eamiled them to see if they would give me the lower price. I've got my fingers crossed!
  10. pursecrzy, good luck, I'll keep you informed.
  11. Hi Ladies, hopefully you will get the answers that you hope for from Mulberry very soon. Just wanted to try and put your minds at rest in advance though. In the summer sale I ordered a vanilla Annie and an oak Alana. Nice though they were, I didn't love either of them enough, and ended up returning both for a full refund, no problems.
  12. thanks alycat that's great. At least I know I'm not stuck with two of the same bag!!
  13. Its against the law not to accept stock back for a refund if thats their normal policy,sale or not,as they have stated a length of time and required condition of returned items,they can't change it for sale items.We were'nt allowed to do it at Goldsmiths,we had a return policy and were legally bound to honor it,sale or not. Hope this helps??xxxx

    I have to say its extremley good of them to refund monies from when you order to the next price decrease,most companies would say 'get lost' pretty much,you bought it at the stated price,now its gone down thats tough!!!! I am getting more impressed by Mulberry all the time!!!

  14. I think its unfair that mulberry charged its registered customers more after promoting a secret preview with special extra 10% off for 48hrs,and then charged Joe Public much less the following day.........false advertising!
  15. Yeh , your right , I mean I got the bag I wanted but also wish In another way that I`d hung on and looked later as they are alot cheaper now , I probably would of got a black annie:confused1: