Can I return an agenda to Elux??

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  1. I just received my wapity and my small agenda from Elux last week. I love the wapity and I also love the agenda but I find it's a bit too small. I am thinking I would like to return it and get a larger one. Will they allow me to do that? I have had it in my purse for a few days but haven't even used it.
  2. If you haven't used it, I would return it. The paper refills are a different story. If you opened them up, I dont think you can return those.
  3. you have 60 days to return on elux!! they are so great about it --- you should give them a call!! :yes: :heart:
  4. I think you could return it to LV boutique also. tell them it was a gift and you want to exchange it for a larger one.
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