Can I request a copy of a receipt from a purchase made in Paris?

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  1. I just purchased an LV purse in Paris and got the original copy of the receipt with the VAT refund form. LV in Paris uses Premier Tax unfortunately, and when we left Europe from Barcelona the agent from the tax refund counter at the airport tried hard to force me getting my refund in my home country’s currency which I refused as she wanted to make a profit through the lower exchange rate. I insisted on receiving the refund in Euros though as I’m going back to Europe next month. After a long heated discussion, she finally paid out the refund in Euros but insisted on keeping my receipt from the bag I purchased. In order not to be late for boarding my flight, I eventually gave in and let get keep the receipt.
    This has NEVER happened to me that the refund office keeps the receipt. All they usually keep is the refund form with the customs stamp on it. I think she just wanted to annoy me as I refused the accept the refund amount in my local currency, hence she insisted on keeping the receipt. I know, Global Blue always returned my receipts after paying out the refund and so did Premier Tax in Lisbon recently.

    So, do you guys think I can request a copy of my purchase receipt at my local LV Boutique or can I request it by calling LV Paris? I hate not having an original copy of my receipt. For now I only have a photo of it on my phone. Thanks.
  2. If you purchased your item with the MyLV account they can send you a copy of the receipt through email. I think they would need a picture of your ID
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  3. Oh most definitely request a copy of your receipt. If you call the toll free number, I’m sure they’ll steer you in the right direction. Good luck!
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  4. I’m surprised the sa didn’t send you an email receipt from the get go. For everything I purchased from LV store, I always get an emailed receipt as well as physical one.
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  5. Thanks everyone.
    No, I didn’t get an email receipt at all. Will call the CS line in Paris later and see if they can email or mail me a receipt. :smile:
    Still pretty upset that I couldn’t keep my original receipt though. Well, at least a copy of it would be good enough for warranty purposes or if I decide to sell the bag, I guess...