Can I repair a tiny hole in lambskin?

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  1. Hi folks,

    I just received a BV Intrecciato wallet that was an Tradesy purchase. I will pop in a picture later when I get my hands on my phone (about to run out for Father's Day). I don't know how old the piece is, but it is interesting. It snaps shut and there are 2 zippers on each side. I like the design a lot.

    Upon receiving it, I was surprised at the way it felt. It was pretty dirty to the point that it felt kind of gross. I cleaned it with Bickmore 4 and that helped a lot. The zippers were a little jaggity, but I got them running smoother with a touch of beeswax.

    I'm willing to overlook all of that, but there is a tiny tear in one of the folds (larger than a pinprick, but still very small). It is in the fold and small, so the seller didn't notice it. I sent the seller a note expressing my disappointment, and he assures me that there is not tear as evidenced by the photos. Yeah, well, you cannot see the tear in the photo because you cannot zoom in enough and have enough clarity to see it.

    It seems that I can return it, and I am thinking about it.

    I love the design. I got it cleaned up much better then before with zips soother, but that tear is bugging me. Can I fix it? I'm afraid it will turn into a big problem if I don't. I think it is lamb, but I don't know for sure. It is super, duper soft. What should I do? What would you do?

  2. Here are the pics.

    Attached Files:

  3. I'd return. That's pretty filthy and the hole puts it over the edge for a definite return in my book atleast. The design does look cool, but I'm sure you can find another in much, much better condition.
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  4. I don't think BV makes this style anymore but you can find ones in much better condition. I mean, that wallet is about ten years old so I would expect that much wear from daily use. It's Nappa and it looks like Toffee or Truffle but has faded and patina'ed a lot. I don't even think the outlets carry that style anymore - too bad, because it was awesome.
    I don't think a hole in leather can really be repaired.
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  5. I would return it too. I am sure you can find wallets in better condition. I will keep a lookout for one in that design for you.
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  6. Thanks, the hole really is over the edge. Even more over the edge is that the seller is being a defensive about it also. He insists that it is not a hole and suggests that I cannot tell the difference between the weave and a hole. He reminded me that it was $800 one time. Yes it was, back when it was actually worth $800 dollars.
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  7. Thanks, that's what I figured. I thought it was Nappa. It was a beauty back in the day.
  8. What? You'd do that for me? What a sweetheart! Do you know what it is called?
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  9. I don't think there was an official name. I remember it as the "fold over double zip wallet". I remember seeing a few popping up on ebay and fashionphile every once in a while and in much better condition.
  10. The style number is 210002 if you're interested. You could call the outlets just to see if they have any old stock lying around.
    Here's a blue one from elady:
    One from ebay:
    One from tradesy in the ponza devore treatment:
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  11. Beautiful! I love the blue one, plus, it is easy to find in a cavernous bag. :smile:
  12. I'm sure he is being defensive as he wants to fight the return, but too bad! He should have been honest and noted the hole and then he wouldn't be in this position!
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  13. He described it as "gently used," and will not say anything but that. And he insists that there is no tear. I was so understanding that because it is small, he didn't see it, but he continues to be defensive. I stopped responding. Anyhoo, I sent it back today. Hopefully, Tradesy will see it my way.
  14. I would return it since it wasn't as described. I don't think this has been gently used, seems heavily used to me. And the tear... I do think Tradesy will allow you to return and give you site credit, so I wouldn't worry too much. You can definitely find better condition elsewhere.
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  15. I hope it works out for you,

    I don't even look at Tradesy because of their return policy though they do have a "misrepresentation policy" which would maybe get your money back (and not a site credit).

    IMO, that is a HOLE and any decent seller should go over their items with the proverbial "fine tooth comb" to locate and describe flaws.
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