can i reopen a closed paypal account?

thinking of closing my paypal account to prevent a chargeback (buyer duped me- she has 2 sns- one I wouldnt let her bid with b/c of all the negative saying she does chargebacks for items -so she used another name- I have a thread about it about too!)

Anyways- I really rely on my paypal, so if I close it, can I still reopen later? Like after she leaves me feedback....which she apparently says the bag is 6 hours from where she really lives now (I had sig. tracking so something is fishy there too)


and BAGS
Apr 8, 2007
i dont think you can reopen (using the same email address). but you can close it, and register for a new 1, using same other info (bank account, credit card) but dif. email addy