Can I remove my nail tips myself? My salon is closed!

  1. So, for some reason I thought the salon I go to would be open today, but they are not and my nails are too grown out. Can I remove them myself, like soaking them in nail polish remover?
  2. Yes I have removed them at home with remover. Just make sure your remover has acetone in it.
  3. Yea, it's going to take forever, but you can do it with nail polish remover with acetone.
  4. Go to Sally's and buy a bottle of acetone. It's easier to use regular acetone instead nail polish remover w/acetone. The pure acetone will work better, but it will still take a while.

    Then you'll need some bowls. Make sure they're cheap and you don't care about having to throw them away, because you won't want to reuse them. Make sure with the bowls that one is larger than the other, and you can still fit your hands in the smaller one.

    Put hot (or very warm) water into the larger bowl, but don't fill it up all the way. Then take the smaller bowl and pour your acetone in it. Take the acetone bowl and place it into the hot water bowl. This way the acetone will start heating up. Then put your hands in and make sure you're comfortable because you'll be soaking for a while. When the water gets too cool, heat it back up.
  5. Great advice guys! I should remember this! Im just worried te acetone would ruin my fingers.You know, make them dry etc.
  6. Thank you! I have always been afraid to try it since the acetone seems harsh, but I guess it's what they use at the salon.
  7. you can speed it up like this-pure acetone which is also available at Walgreens Walmart and CVS, cotton balls and aluminum foil. Completely saturate 2 cotton balls for each nail-I mean dripping with acetone. Prior to this rip off 10 pieces of foil, not too big enough to cover from the first knuckle to nail. plop the cotton balls on a nail and wrap with foil. This removes the acrylic much faster.