Can I put two small tickers on the same line?

  1. Can I put two small tickers on the same line?
    Is my signature too large? Would two large tickers be too large?

  2. any larger and it would definitely be larger than the 300x400 pixels allowed.
  3. Is there a way to resize it or put it all on one line?
  4. on one line would be too wide, we allow only 400 pixels wide, your large ticker exceeds that by 20 already.
  5. is there a way to resize it
  6. I think those ticker co's only have their 1 default size{?}
  7. How do you know if what you've posted is to much or not? How did you find the pixels size?
  8. ^^ Depends on your browser, but it's usually something like Right-Click >> Properties.
  9. If you look at the signature rules Vlad put a box as a sort of guide. If it's close you'll be fine! :tup:
  10. Perhaps I don't get this at all but wouldn't it be better to allow more text in width instead of height?

    That the ticker is long doesn't really bother the flow but sometimes it feels like signature space is so high you don't know what is text vs signature.
  11. No, too wide will stretch the page and make people need to scroll back and forth.
    We only allow 300x400 which isn't too obnoxious really. A lot of people go over it, if we catch it, we'll remove it. If they try and go too far over it Vlad has some parameters set in the coding that will cut it off. I see people w/ their siggy's cut off sometimes, lol!
  12. Thank you .. so from I understand, mine isn't allowed since its to wide? :smile:
  13. Your's is fine! I mean, it wouldn't fit in Vlad's 300x400 parameter, but I think that's more for graphics and those long lists people like to post.
    Mine is like your's, the software determined how far right or left it could go when you and I chose left, right or center.