Can I put Legacy Stripe accessories with Cotton Carly?

  1. FIrst let me explain...I went to Orlando yesterday (2 1/2 hours away) for my big "Coach Day". I hit 2 outlets and the big Coach store at Millenia Mall & Macys.
    I left with a Large Cotton Carly, but I just feel really confused and a little dissappointed.:confused1:

    I really, really love the signature stripe. Love it like I want to dress myself in it! But I couldn't deice which bag that had it would work for me. I wear a lot of navy & green, pink & brown and I wanted something to "pop" against it. I think the Cotton Carly is perfect for that. BUT, no signature stripe. I have the ponytail scarf and wristlet. I want to buy a make-up bag and framed wristlet. Can I put these with the Cotton Carly, or is that just tacky? Should I get the Cotton Wallet or a neutral, like Natural or White? Is there a make-up bag? (None on eBay)
    Should I just let my signature stripe obsession go, or should I return this and get an Ali, which I don't like the outside as well, but has the stripe?
    I'm sorry to ramble, but I have never had such a hard time buying a bag in my life! I honest;y couldn't sleep last night!:crybaby:
  2. i say mix it all up, how you want it. it's yours, so YOU decide what to carry. i don't find it tacky at all!
  3. I'll be using my Legacy Stripe Fold Over Wristlet in my new Ergo Patchwork when I get it this week!:nuts:

    Mix it up! Nothing wrong with that!:yes:
  4. So should I keep the bag, or return it for one with a legacy stripe lining? Or save up for an additional bag with the stripe lining? Yes, I think I just answered my own question!! That's what I'll do, then all my accessories will go with both! Now just to decide which one...:confused1:
  5. Matching is no fun! Well I mean the actual accessory colors can contrast with each other, but they all don't haVe to be from the same line. I have different LV accessories mixed in with my coach wristlets mixed in coach bags, and I think they all look great together, because the actual item's color compliment each other.
  6. Not everything has to match!
    The legacy stripe stuff can go with anything!
    I think it is much more fun to mix and match stuff IMO.
  7. I am confused...are you talking about signature stripe or legacy stripe? From your description, it seems like you mean legacy stripe accessories. If you do mean legacy stripe, you know the Ergo tote has the legacy stripe lining....
  8. I like mixing it up too. When I look in my bag it's easy to distinquish wallet (pond) from planner (raspberry) and wristlet (stripe) and it all looks good together and it's fun.
  9. i dont pay attention to any of the "rules" i buy way more bags than i do i always carry my pink soho wallet with every bag...when it only truly matches my pink soho flap bag lol...i say screw the rules and do what u want...u spent your forget what anyone else thinks lol
  10. Yes, you're right, I mean legacy stripe. I just love, love loe it! I want to make a suit from it and wear it!:shrugs:
  11. Mix it up definitely. Plus, imho...the colorful legacy stripe will look nice against the denim cotton.
  12. I agree with this!