Can I pull off bangs?

  1. I desperately want bangs, but I think my forehead is too small! These are the kind of bangs I want:


    Like the girl from the most recent Pantene commercial.

    This is me, a couple of years ago (but my forehead size hasn't changed so that doesn't matter :p:


    Actually, forehead looks bigger in that picture than in a mirror. But anyone, can I have bangs like the Pantene girl? Or am I stuck only being able to have long side bangs?
  2. You have the same face shape as the model in the pic. I think you could totally pull off bangs
  3. I think side-swept bangs look much better, and they're universally flattering. Think Nicole Ritchie when she first got her haircut after her transformation.
  4. I think you should go for the bangs!
  5. I agree with vogue!! Side swept bangs , start with that!!
  6. I think you could pull off bangs as long as they end right around your eyebrows. But blunt-cut bangs like those in the pic are kind of hard to pull off, so have your sylist cut into the ends to make them a little more uneven and fringy.
  7. i think you cld but like the others said, start with side swept. the only thing about such bangs is that they are very high maintenance! if they're too short they look geeky and if they're too long they get in my eyes so you'll have to keep on going to your stylist to trim them and get the perfect length.

    Have you tried one of those things where they have hairstyles and you just put your photo underneath? why don't you scale down the photo of the model above to the size of the photo you have and cut out her face. Then layer it over your photo. if you're not comfortable doing it on the PC then print it out and do it the good old fashioned paper way!
  8. I've had side swept bangs off and on for a few years, and I'm kind of bored with them, but that's what I'll get if the other kind definitely won't work out.

    I'm about to try the layering her hair over my face now :biggrin:

    One thing though, don't Pantene girl's bangs look like they are a couple of inches long? Is there enough room for that on my forehead? :confused1:
  9. The length of bangs in inches isn't want matters, its where they end on your face that is important. So, obviously if your forehead isn't as long as the Pantene girl's, you bangs will be shorter, but they should still end at the same place on your face - right at or slighly below your eyebrows.

    I vote for trying them. Just get them cut longish so if you don't like them, you can grow them back to side swept length fast.
  10. my face is kinda similar to yours and I really like my bangs, plus you can still pull them to the side and clip or part them, much more versatile....
  11. yep I agree, of course I'm a little biased......I started with side swept but the way I'm cutting them now I can actually go back and forth see the attached picture compared to my avatar....
  12. I really like your bangs in your avatar (and in the attached picture :smile:), and I found my school picture from a few years ago when I got a horrible horrible super-short hair cut and it grew out and I had bangs like the yours and Pantene girl's. My actual hair was amazingly ugly but the bangs were nice, so now I'm pretty sure that I'll try and get bangs.

    Another thing, though, would they look good on hair that isn't long? My hair is barely past my shoulders.

    Thanks everyone for answering my questions :smile::smile:
  13. Well, your hair is to your shoulders at least from what I can see in the picture, I think it will work, I mean you can only see to my shoulders in my picture so you don't know that my hair is actually past my doesn't really change the effect of the bags IMO.
  14. My picture is old, but my hair is almost that length now, and straighter. I'm growing it out though so it'll eventually really work. Wow, your hair is long! :nuts:
  15. You could, but cutting them will hurt less.