Can I pull of a birkin/Kelly 35?

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  1. Hi everyone. I needed your advice on if you think I'm too short to carry a Kelly or birkin 35. I'm 5'1 without heels and 120 pounds. In this picture I'm about 5'5 due to the heels and carrying a b30. I've only had b30s before but I've been offered a gorgeous 35 I'm Tosca and don't know if I'll look like I'm wearing a baby bag. I only carry my wallet and cell phone with me and I definitely don't want a big bag making me look like I'm carrying my mothers bag, as I'm only 23 years old. Do you think it will overpower me?

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  2. you look perfect with a 30 and you mentioned you carry only very little, why need a 35?
  3. Stick with 30 and 32
  4. I think you'd be OK with a 35. I'm 5' 3" and I carry a 40!
  5. I'm 5'5 and i just bought my first Birkin last year and I have never ever used it -- it seems so heavy even for me! That being said, I think the 30 is perfect for you :smile:
  6. Hi there! I happen to love larger bags even on petite women. From purely a visual standpoint, I definitely think you could rock a 35, though the weight is quite heavy and I don't know how you might feel about that. I am about your height and wish that I could do a 35, but the weight is just too much for me. Can you go try the bag and see what you think?
  7. Don't do it. Too heavy. U carry minimal stuff... why carry bag that will look like big pink luggage on u?
    U r small.... carry little bit of stuff... u will find Tosca B30 or K28.
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  8. The 30 size suits you perfectly. If you don't need the extra space in the 35, maybe stick with 30 or 28. I'm also 5.1 and was able to try out a K28 in etoupe last time I was in the boutique. The size was just SO perfect. Unfortunately the bag was reseved for someone else so I wasn't able to take it home with me.
    Anyway, good luck deciding.
  9. B35s are heavy! I would stick to a 30 as you don't carry much. Wait for the right bag, don't settle because of color.
  10. If you want a bigger bag, then go see it.

    I am petite and have 35s. I don't think they are heavy unless I stuff them. I like the option to put more things in the 35.
  11. I find the B35s quite heavy. I've shifted to B30s and K28s since I carry only a few things at a time. If all your necessities fit in a B30, it would me more convenient for you. [emoji1]
  12. As everyone else said 30 is your size. And 35 is heavy!
  13. I agree that 35 can become quite heavy once you stuff it. I have only one 35 B and my other B's are all size 30.
    Since you don't carry a lot of items, why not try to look for a Tosca 30 B instead? I think that would be perfect for you.
    But in the end, it all comes down to personal preference of course. Perhaps it is an idea to go to the boutique and see if you like the size?
  14. I actually have to put like 2 shirts inside my b30 so that it doesn't look so empty. I guess I'll just have to wait for a 30. You guys are right. No point in investing so much in a bag id never wear. Thank you so much for your honest opinions!
  15. The 30 looks like the perfect size for you and your needs as well. Stick to it!
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