Can I protect the red on Louboutin soles?

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  1. is there anyway from preventing them from wearing down? also can they redo the red?? :shrugs:
  2. i bought my first Louboutins a few weeks ago and I've worn them twice and I am definitely having this problem, especially around the toe. advice would be great!!!
  3. I want a pair of Louboutins because I love the signature red but if this is a problem I would have to rethink this! Any thoughts?
  4. There's nothing you can do. Its just a thin layer of paint. The color stays bright on the instep and heel so you can still tell they're Louboutin's. I've heard of people using cats claw (not sure the exact name) where they put a black gummy layer on the bottom but it still covers up the whole front part. Or I've used a non slip pad that covers only the partial front part of the shoe so there is still some red showing.
  5. i guess if it stays on the heel and instep its ok. i just dont want it to keep peeling away. i love the red! :push:
  6. Yeah, the red does wear away quickly- upon the first wearing of a pair, quite a bit of the red comes off- that is just what happens- as mentioned above, it is just a thin layer of lacquer(?) painted on the leather sole.
  7. And I must say it is pretty painful after that first wearing- to mess up that gorgeous sole so I know what you mean lol!
  8. This happens to all shoes --- chanel, manolo's, and so on. Just rotate them and don't wear them in rough floors
  9. i did this with a pair of guccis a few years ago and it really helped extend their life.
  10. Simple! Just don't wear them... if the red is that important. :smile:
  11. :graucho:
  12. Yeah why hasn't anyone invented see through/clear rubber to use on the bottom of shoes as protection?:yes: I don/t like covering up my Lanvin flats but those soles need the protectors or they just wear out completely . . . but the soles are light tan and the protectors are brown black, and I go to the best shoe repair places!!

  13. Amazingly...the less expensive shoe brands, like Jessica Simpson etc. puts a sole that doesn't wear away as quickly as my CL, Manolos guccis etc. I wish they did put some sort of protectant or material that showed the beauty of the shoes. After all, that red sole is a selling point for the CLs.
  14. ^ i agree. i think i could walk on hot coals in my steve maddens and they'd be fine, but my louboutins showed a considerable amount of wear after walking just a few nyc blocks.

    i had my cobbler put rubber bottoms on my choos and guccis and even though it's not beautiful, it has really helped increase their life. i just can't take that plunge with my CLs yet. that red sole is just so damn gorgeous!
  15. Dior soles are pretty good if you get the rubber ones. I just don't wear them outside really.
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