Can I preorder the damier neverfull?

  1. Has anyone preordered this or know when it comes out? WHo has it? What size should i get? I love it!!
  2. Due for release June 1. My SA was taking waitlist for all bags, etc in the "look-book" for releases thru June 1, so I would call my local LV store and ask to be put on list.
    Wish they had done the Azur first as that looks more spring than the ebene which definitely looks more fall-winter
  3. Would you get the azure or the ebonie.
    I have LV monogram speedy 25
    Damier Azur Speedy 25
    What do you suggest?
  4. My it looked kinda dark in the ebene and did not put my name down for this. You can always add you name and then if you do not like it just pass. I am waiting for this bag to come out in the Azur, just think of the Neverfull as more of a warm weather bag.
    In the ebene I already have the Berkley and the Trevi that seemed more fashionable to me.
  5. So they're releasing it in Azur for sure?
  6. Yes, but looks like Nov at least before we see it
  7. Actually, when I was in the store about 2 weeks ago, the lookbook had a new release date of 2009 (the May 2008date was covered up with a sticker that said 2009). It was in the book with the printouts which is the most updated, my SA said it was a pretty recent decision.
  8. Both the ebene and azur neverfulls are going to be delayed until 2009? Or just the azur?

    I really want ebene and I am growing anxious...
  9. ^From what I saw, the Azur wasn't even in the book, it was the Ebene that was the one that was delayed.
    But since the Ebene was delayed, I'm thinking that means that the Azur will be would be weird that they would come out with the Azur before the Ebene.
  10. BUMMER! But thanks a ton for the info...........
  11. You're welcome! Sorry I didn't have better news. :sad: