Can I please just say...

  1. That I love it here so much! Learning more than ever, having so much fun!

    And you are all such lovely people...

    I'm a member of a couple of other forums, and so many of them give people that appreciate luxury goods a hard time!

    At least I know my obsession is appreciated here.... :yes:

    Thank you for this forum! :heart:
  2. Yes! This is one awsome place!! Im so glad you love it here!! Welcome and enjoy all of the wonderful people and threads!
  3. you may!

    Glad to have you, it's a wonderful community!:love:
  4. Welcome!!!

    This forum really rocks-- thanks to the amazing team that makes this all possible :flowers:
  5. Yes, thank you to the team! I can't believe they were giving away all that LV for the one year anniversary? How generous!

    Thank you for your warm welcomes! :smile:
  6. Welcome and enjoy ! :heart:
  7. Yup, it is a very fun place here with many very caring people!! Welcome!
  8. Yep, we're all in this together! You found the right place!
  9. yes you may!

    before this forum there weren't a lot of pple whom i could talk to about stuff like this.

    i'm glad you found this forum and i'm glad i found it too! hehe.
  10. I'd never joined an online forum until finding tPF completely by accident...I hit the jackpot, baby!!!
  11. This is a fun forum indeed! Enjoy all the fabulous posts:p
  12. I stumbled on this forum completely by accident in search for a Kooba :smile:, the bag's been long acquired, but keep coming back to TPF for great advice and fun!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  13. I had never joined a forum until this one, think its brilliant. Made some really nice friends plus this is one place you can come and show expensive design bags and not get put down for getting them, in fact everyone is so happy for you.
  14. Welcome!!