~*Can I please just ask...where in the UK can you buy Chanel?*~

  1. ...is it just in London? Or are there other boutiques else where too?
  2. To my knowledge there are no other botiques other than the ones in London, however Selfridges and harrods in London stock Chanel. And also Heathrow airport. In Dublin, Ireland I think Browns (Thomas) stocks Chanel and Manchester Selfridges also should have a instore Chanel department. If you go to the Chanel website on the UK site version, under store locator there should be a detailed list of where in the UK Chanel is stocked.
  3. ^ The Manchester Chanel don't do accessories or RTW only the beauty products. The Chanel Boutiques are located on Bond Street, Sloane Street and Brompton Road and they do ship products to you in the UK if you pay by Credit Card over the phone. Harrods and Selfridges concessions also post products.
  4. By the way, the Manchester Selfridges is due to open up a Chanel handbags....I am glad to know! :p

    I saw the area boarded of few weeks ago and an SA in LV old me so.
  5. Syma,

    Do you know if they ship internationally? Have you heard anything about their customer services on international orders before? TIA!

  6. i never knew they do shipping. do you know how much does it costs for shipping or is it free?
  7. £20 Kaka - thats what they quoted me last week for the Jumbo Gold hardware
  8. ^^ thanks, that is wicked it means i dont have to drag myself to london to get a chanel.