Can I please have Shakira's body???

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  1. I just watched her perform on American Idol. I need to start working out. Immediatly. Who is with me here?? :wondering
  2. I have seen her before and I agree. I am glad my husband wasn't watching American Idol tonight. I remember her performance on SNL, she definitely has some moves.
  3. Try taking up belly dancing and yoga, I hear the combination gives you great results.
  4. i AGREE!!!i need more exercise!!yikes
  5. She has a great body. I just saw her performance too.
  6. AND she's my height! 4 feet 11. gah, i hate her.
  7. yeah she has a great body! me too I wish I could have that tummy of hers.
  8. I envy with her tummy and BUTT!!!
  9. So agree, her hips certainly don't lie !!
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  10. Me too! Definitely need to start working out more.

    I heard she got discovered after winning a best ass contest in Columbia. Not sure if that is true - but I can see why she would win!
  11. Really??? I thought she was fat last night. She must have gained 10 lbs. Her mid-section is not like it used to be.
  12. hmm maybe i'll take up yoga! she looked really good on american idol
  13. Her stomach looks great even with 6pack abs. In belly-dancing, a little pudge is viewed as sexy.
  14. Yes, you can have hers! LOL
    I'll take Carmen Elektras! LOL!
  15. Goodness YES! Her body is perfect. . .so jealous. . . :[