can i please get thoughts on ...


    I really want a stam but $$ are a bit tight right now (that would be all the balenciagas ive bought of late!)

    Is this big enough for everyday wear? Like wallet, phone, make up bag etc?

    Is the colour nice IRL?

    Thank you!!

  2. i just recently sold my little stam. i liked it, but im a big bag kinda girl, and this didnt hold everything that i need to get me through the day. i have a MJ zip clutch wallet, and i had a difficult time getting it in and out of the bag. goodluck!
  3. oh, i would so love a navy one of those - but i live in australia ... i wouldnt be able to get it :crybaby:
  4. Baby stam is definitely too small to fit all that in there... It can probably fit a trifold wallet, cell phone and keys at most. Maybe the Kid stam would be a better option for you? It's a bit bigger than the baby but smaller than the regular stam and has double leather handles along with a chain to carry it by.
  5. can you get the kid stam online?:heart: