Can I own Sandstone and Mastic or is that just wasteful?

  1. All right my fashion darlings, I need serious advice. I am I just bored from sitting through hours of swimming lessons and too much time to think or is possible to own a Sandstone Twiigy and a Mastic city? Is that just greedy and wasting a lot of money? Is it too repeatitive? I've never seen mastic IRL, but in pics it is so lovely. Please guide me here everyone as my children have sucked all of my brain cells out of my head! TIA!
  2. Hi Sasha, i think they are similar and i like much more the sandstone, so maybe you can wait until the new colors coming out? your twiggy is lovely!
  3. Too funny! Well, is there any chance that you can go to Barneys and see Mastic IRL, whilst caryring your Sandstone Twiggy, so that you can compare the two colors?

    If money's no object, I'd say go for it, but if you're even having second throughts about it, I think that seeing Mastic in person might be a deciding factor for you...

    JMHO! :smile:
  4. i agree w/monsoon. definitely see the mastic irl compared with your sandstone twiggy
  5. I live in the fashion desert, known as Western Washington. Nothing balenciaga can be seen by me IRL w/out hoping on a plane! This is why I needed your help.
  6. Girlfriend.. I hear ya. lol. I'm trying to decide between the Sandstone and Mastic myself. lol. I'm in Seattle... no Balenciaga here....yet.

    Neiman Marcus will open next year! WOO HOO!
  7. Oh, good grief! I certainly had no idea that you were all the way out there! :confused1: All this time I thought that maybe you were within driving distance to Seattle. Well, forget that then!

    Yikes, hmmm....well, we have a thread somewhere where hgbags compares the two colors and, in fairness, her pics are pretty good in portraying the color. See if you can find those and decide on that.

    Sure, it wouldn't hurt to add a Mastic City to your already gorgy collecton...:graucho:

  8. You could go to Barney's! They have Bbags! NM is coming to Seattle? That's exciting, but that means we'll have to pay tax now on the bbags we order from them and shoes....etc.....

  9. HELLO!! I'm there with you.... here in "designerless" shopping starved Montana"!!:p

    At least you are (LONG) driving distance to somewhere like Seattle, I'd guess... for me it's a good 600+ mile drive to any bigger city!! :crybaby:
  10. i i wsh someone had a photo of the two colors next to each other. which one is the darker color?
  11. I feel your pain Shasta!! :yes:

    To answer your question: if you would use them both then it's not wasteful, IMHO

    To comiserate: I have a perfect Cornflower Oval and I just ordered a Bleu Glacier Pochette. :noggin::noggin: I totally don't need two blue clutches, but I love both blues sooo much!
  12. For me, I would only want to have one of these colors. I like for each of my bags to have a different purpose. The sandstone and the mastic are so close in color that they would both be able to go with very similar outfits. The decision between the two colors will be more of a personal preference of whether you like taupe or yellow/gold undertones.
  13. I think they are too close in color to justify both. I would save the cash and get a totally different color.

    I own Sandstone and I saw Mastic in person. They are really very close in color except Sandstone is a much richer, sophisticated color...IMO.
  14. I think that having a sandstone and mastic is fine as long as they are different styles. To make them more different maybe you could get a GH mastic city?