can I make my new bag more slouchy? (with pics)

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  1. I have a pink Cupid with the lightly glazed leather and just bought a wine one with smooth, non-glazed leather. I like that the leather isn't glazed but the glazed leather is distressed and more smooshy.

    Does anyone have this same wine Cupid? Did it get softer and more puddle-y with use?

    Would bag honey make a substantial difference on a new bag like this? I'm posting pics of the two bags. Both bags are empty in the pics.

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  2. In the past whenever I had a bag w/ stiff leather I weighted it w/ water bottles or books and hung from a hanger.
  3. thanks
    I'd think that would do more to stretch the handles but you've had success with that?
  4. I live for Leather Honey - I adore the stuff.

    But I will say - be careful before putting it on your Wine RM.

    I have put LH on all my Balenciaga's without any issue. They darkened a little, but nothing super significant.

    I just put Leather Honey on my pre-loved Matinee that I got yesterday. It was a steel blue color (l think stonewashed, but I'm not 100% for sure) it is not a glazed leather so I knew it would darken, I was okay with this.

    The bag feels amazing, so squishy and awesome - but it is no longer Stonewashed looking, it is more of a dark blue now, almost a Midnight.

    I just don't want you to potentially lose the Wine shade unless you want to darken it up a bit.
  5. actually I wouldn't mind if this bag darkened
    the color is called wine but it's much more red than I would expect for that color
    as long as the darkening was consistent and not splotchy
    do you have to be careful when you apply it not to have uneven darkening?
    Would it possibly make the bag more puddly?
  6. Well, I did this with mostly Nikki's and didn't notice the handle stretched.
  7. I don't know if it will soften because of the leather being glazed. I think that is just the nature of the glaze.
  8. I'm an avid fan of Leather Honey but I'm not sure if it will work on glazed leather.
  9. I just tried to put Leather Honey on my Glazed Espresso Matinee, it's in like new condition so the leather hasn't even broken in.

    It did nothing. It just sat not there for an hour. I ended up wiping it off with a towel. So your glazed pink bag won't really benefit from leather honey.

    As for your Wine - it will drink it right up. I'll show you a before/after photo of my stonewashed blue Matinee in a moment so you can see the change.

    All I did was buy a 1.5 inch artist paintbrush (it was a few dollars) and pour some of the honey on a dish. I paint it on in a thin layer. When you initially put it on it may look like some spots are darker than others but it will even out as long as you apply it as evenly as possible.

    I have absolutely no uneven patches no my bag and I just threw it on there quickly so you don't have to worry about being perfect =)

    Oh - yes it will help it get smooshy. But mostly just using the bag as often as possible will do most of that for you. The LH will help it break in faster.
  10. Hopefully these show up okay.

    The first photo is the Stonewashed Matinee when I received it. It looked like a light blue/gray indoors and outdoors it looked a bit more light blue.

    I went ahead and put the leather honey on it and I now have a deeper blue Matinee. (second photo) Which I adore, it will lighten over time but the squishyness is divine.

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  11. wow - that really did make a difference
    thanks for posting that picture
  12. I guess I must not have been clear when I posted my question. The pink glazed Cupid is smooshy. It's the wine, unglazed one that I was thinking of using the Leather Honey on.

    But I really think it's more of a situation where I'm just not very happy with the color or the texture so I'm probably going to return the bag. I wanted it to work because I'd been looking for a Cupid for a while but finally have to admit, this isn't the right one. Glad I bought it at a BNM store and can just take it back.

    But that leather honey looks like a good product. I'll probably try it some day.
    Thanks for all your responses.