can i make it as a buyer?

  1. i basically have no fashion background but i love fashion. i'm a business student majoring in accounting and im graduating soon. do u think i have a chance if i apply as a buyer for a department store? honestly? chances are probably really slim to none though..i bet all my competition comes from fashion schools with all retail experiences :crybaby:
  2. most big department stores have intern positions. i know a buyer at an english department store who did this and then worked as a personal shopper for a few years before getting an assistant buyers job.
  3. A lot of buyer positions have to do with working from the ground up. Your business background would be an asset but usually they would like their buyers in the company for a little time before offering such a position.

    My aunt is the Director of the Buying Department for a super huge grocery market in the Canadian devision and she worked at the company since she was in high school and worked her whole way up. Not to say you'll have to work THAT long but knowing the companies market is a huge asset to companies.
  4. I think the fashion industry can be competitive, but if you really want to do it then you should go for it! I think your best bet is to start working in retail, for a reputable company, after you have some good experience under your belt then you should start applying to the buyer jobs.
    Good luck!
  5. I use to work in the fashion industry as an assistant buyer & the pay is not very good, essentially the perk of working in this industry are the discounts & gifts. You also have to live in NY or Paris if you really want to get a job with a reputable company.
  6. You can totally be a buyer, especially for a large chain. Federated has a general management program.

    If you want to be a buyer at a boutique or more fashion forward store ... it's mostly about who you know....