Can I keep speedys folded in box?

  1. Can I keep my speedys folded in sleeper bags in their boxes in a dry closet ?
  2. While I say yes, others would disagree. I don't have much humidity here so it depends where you live.
  3. I'm in NY but right now it's not that warm in my area yet.
  4. DO NOT keep them in an air tight box - the canvas will crack !! It's fine to keep them folded, but depriving the bag of circulation will dry it out. :sad:
  5. Thanks. Is the box Alma comes in okay to keep her in? It's a different type of box and not as hard as speedys box.
  6. If you open box, maybe 1-2 times a month it should be fine...
  7. Thanks , I ran out of room every where else for my bigger bags and I love the way the boxes look in my closet.
  8. You CAN, but I wouldn't. I insist on storing my speedies stuffed because 1. I'm scared it may crack over a LONG period of time and 2. the creases bug me and theyre hard to get out if they are stored stuffed.
  9. i don't like to store my speedies folded because of those creases... i know they do come out eventually, though. come to think of it, i don't store any of my bags in their boxes... just in the dustbags.
  10. i use to store my speedy folded, but that doesn't really help with the creases. i stuff it up now before putting away :smile:
  11. I don't do it b/c the creases drive me nuts!!
  12. i can NOT fold mine, the creases would break my heart.
  13. Do not store folded if you can help it. I have a speedy 30 that was stored folded. The creases are now permanent. No matter what I do, they are always there - drives me nuts. My speedy is almost 1 year old - I've tried everything. Stuff you speedy when you store it and don't fold it. They are only meant to be shipped folded, not stored, per my SA.
  14. I will not store my speedy folded. However, this is just my preference.
  15. I stuff my bags too.
    Can you maybe make a display of your LV boxes in your room? I think that would be pretty!