can i justify it?

  1. girls i am having an attack of the guilt...can i justify my VP in tortoise so close to christmas? especially when i plan on buying a chanel in January??
  2. Hmmm... know the feling. I don't know, those tortoise are so one of a kind. Could you just cool it AFTER the shoes and the bag?? I know I am no help. You know if you don't get the VP's you willmost likely never find them and will then kick yourself, that's about the only thing I can say.:upsidedown:
  3. too true! i am trying to justify it because i am getting a christmas bonus, but i have a baby and sometimes i feel so selfish buying expensive things for myself, even though she has all she could need and more!
  4. Well, you know my answer. Trust me, they are gorgeous. There's a reason they're so hard to find. You will kick yourself later if you don't snatch them up.:p
  5. PUHLEEZE! I always treat myself at holiday time...always. If you really want 'em, get 'em!
  6. ok, thanks i just needed some enabling!!
  7. No - but I can't justify half the stuff I have been buying for the same reason. I feel really bad after I buy something but then wear it/carry it a lot and then I feel better. So if you are going to wear them a lot, go ahead!
  8. If you feel guilty about it, maybe there's a reason. If you have the money to pay for both items, then go for it. This is a decision that only you can make.
  9. yes i can afford both, but do i really need another pair of louboutins, that is my problem? i do plan to wear them to work though :yes:
  10. Squeak - so far, you have made great decisions about your CL purchases.
    Will the tortoise VPs also come from your sister with the discount connection? If so, then I say go for it, especially since the finances are not an issue.
    I agree with your comment about not needing another pair, but that is the fun part about it, we really don't need them!
  11. no unfortnatly i am not getting a dicount this time, so it is €560 in total. i think that if i let them go, i will regret it forever. i mean i probably will not find them new again, or else i would have to buy them for way more on eBay or something
  12. ^^You're probably right. I am pretty sure that the tortoise and tiger print decolletes and VPs were only for Fall. I doubt that print/color will be recreated in the future. Why don't you get them, and if you change your mind, return them later.
    The only problem with this is that you will likely end up keeping them once you are mesmerized by their beauty. I always have a hard time returning CLs, even if it means that I never wear them.
  13. haha good point, i could also sell them on eBay or something but i doubt i would end up doing that!!
  14. Treat yourself if you can afford it. As a mom you work hard and you have to take care of yourself also.
  15. If it makes you feel and look pretty, aren't those reasons justifiable enough? LOL!

    I'm assuming you got them in Europe? Ive been wanting a Tortoise No Prive.