Can i justify having an anthracity, anthra GH work, AND a Sandstone GH work???

  1. I've been on a hunt for the work... can I justify having anthra in two diff styles though? (I know my wallet wont but hey you only live once right?! :graucho:)

    anthracity RH and anthra GH work as well as a Sandstone GH work???

    it's sooo hard!.... :sos:

    TIA! :tup:
  2. If you can't have em all its going to have to be an either/or thing.

    Either you want to have 1 RH work and 1 GH work or 2 GH works only.

    I think personally its more versatile to have 1 RH and 1 GH work since the hardware gives a completely diff vibe for each just like it would for any other style bbag too...
  3. thanks Karen! it was your SS work that sold me! but then coz the anthra work GH is such a good price... oh no I'm a sucker for things like that! my anthracity is RH... hmm... I would love to get that grenat work you had though... arrrr.... so hard! so have you found your perfect red work yet?

  4. why not?! go for it! i have 3 ink b-bags myself. i love anthracite and it is one of the colors i would love to have in different stlyes.

  5. The SS work is a stunning one with GH and I've grown to love it even more now that its broken in.

    Well the grenat work is still avail in alot of NM locations.Just call around (if you want that) and remember, they called it BORDEAUX. (if it has the W on the end of the mirrored tag its grenat representing an 06).

    I should have picked the red work within the next few weeks :graucho:
  6. Okay, I'm going to go against the grain here a bit... I would not get both the Anthracite City and the GH Work. I know GH makes a big difference, but unless you have unlimited funds, I bet there is another colour (out there now, or waiting in the wings to step up) that will grab you. I would personally diversify my collection more than just opting for two Anthracite bags. I've had the opportunity to buy some really great bags that I just had to turn down because I already had the colour in something else. I can't seem to justify having two bags in the same colour, even if one of them is just a coin purse or Makeup, because there are so many other colours out there I want to have.

    In the end, though, it really does come down to you and what you will use and love... :flowers:
  7. wow! you have 3 inks? I'm gona get myself an ink city one day... when Diabro lowers its price that is!

  8. yea I'm usually not a big fan of getting the same color in two styles either... but the anthra is soooo gorgeous! esp with the GH... hmmm... hopefully I wont ever get tired of the GH... coz I've already got one now and if I get the SS work then thats 2 plus my to-be Plomb SGH... that's 3... and if I get anthra work GH that's 4! hehehe... I love all of them what to do what to do... :shrugs:

  9. NM dont ship to NZ :tdown:... oh what red you getting aye? :graucho: remember to post pics... I love seeing your modelling pics! inspiration! ;)

  10. I'd go with one Anth. RH or the Anth. GH, and the Sandstone GH. I'm in agreement with Cheshire on not having two Anth. in one style. The hardware makes the bag different...but looking at your collection as a could be redundent. Unless you just LOVE the Anthracite...I'm inclined to say... seasons come and go so often...I bet you'll be loving another color in a coming season.
  11. i saw a anthra GGH work the other day and it was gorgeous!! how about trading anthracityRH with a sandstone GH city or something? i think anthra GH work is definitely a keeper!
  12. Well, I love Anthra. It has the best leather and colour of my collection. If you live it that much, then why not? However, there are some fab colours coming out in SS08. Would you still be happy with 3 of the same colour then?
  13. hey guys I think I've decided that I'm gona get the Sandstone GGH... having two anthras is just not gona be wise... esp for my wallet! and esp when I'm gona get the Plomb SGH PT (hopefully).... so I've decided on the Sandstone... thanks everyone for all your input! really appreciate it!
  14. Make sure you post pics...I'm in love with the Sandstone!
  15. Yay!!! :yahoo:

    I love this one soooo much and you'll see it only gets better the more it breaks in.