Can I just say that low sodium prepared foods are yucky??

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  1. Last week Whole Foods had a sale on low sodium soups and frozen meals, so I got a few to take to work for lunch. I never realized how important salt is to the flavor of ready-made foods!! I swear, the mushroom barley soup I tried was like eating... wet cardboard in swamp water! I had to dump salt into it to even stomach it! Does this mean I eat too much salt regularly, or does anyone else agree that low sodium foods are just nasty!:smile:
  2. You can indeed. I would never buy it.
  3. I get the Trader Joe's low sodium tomato and roasted red pepper soup which is pretty good. I think certain things are good, and certain things are not so good. Prepared foods in general aren't always completely healthy.
  4. I agree they're not always healthy, but I only have enough time in my life to cook a "real" dinner. So, unless dinner produces some healthy leftovers (which is difficult with my BF, who eats a ton:smile:, I usually take an Amy's vegetarian frozen meal, a can of organic soup, or a Lean Cuisine for lunch. I figure I could be doing worse, like going out to eat for lunch. Anyway, I will have to try to Trader Joe's soup. I always get their regular soups, but I've never tried the low sodium. Thanks for the tip:smile:
  5. i guess you have to get used to eating low sodium food (home made that is) before jumping to ready made food, it's all a question of habit...And obviously, readymade foods have loads of sodium to mask the taste)
    I stay away from prepared foods in general cos they usually end up in the sink..
  6. I truly believe that once you cut out salt from your every day diet and replace it with garlic, pepper and herbs, you won't think it tastes so bad. But, I do have to agree that anything that you buy that is prepared and processed without salt is blucky.
  7. If you get that soup and you're not used to low sodium yet, add some crackers to it. Then once you're okay with that, try it without the crackers. That's what I did. At first the soup was a *tiny* bit bland to me, but now I just love it. I think you'll get used to the low sodium eventually.