Can I just say that EB is the most gorgeous color on the planet???

  1. My GSH EB City (with AWESOME smooth leather) arrived today and I am just in awe over the gorgeous color. However, I am so sad because I am really not "feeling" the GH. I will be taking it back to Nordies in Sac so if anyone is looking for one.....she is a real stunner.

    Nordies does not know if they are getting in anymore RH EB Cities......*sigh*
  2. Aw sweetie... have you called around and asked Bal NY and Aloha rag? It must be hard to give it up! But if you're not feeling the GH it's a wise decision to keep looking. Good luck with finding a regular hw EB city, I'm sure you can get one soon, this is the season ;) :tup:
  3. I returned my RH EB City to SF Neimans on Wednesday. I know you had some trouble with Neimans, but perhaps it's still there if you are willing to risk dealing with them again. A pic of my returned bag is in your poll thread...
  4. I read that AR is bringing in more of the EB RH. Do check with them. I hope you get your hands on one soon.
  5. Sorry that you are not feeling the GH. I didn't at the beginning now I love it!
  6. You weren't the one that got my original one that was on hold at NM did you :roflmfao:????

    Gosh, if I did not hate that place so much, I would consider it. Thanks for letting me know!
  7. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling the GH..
    I bought my EB RH City from AR, so if you are thinking of purchasing the RH City, give them a ring and ask for Seiko..
    She is very sweet and knowledgeable :yes:
  8. Nordstrom never got the RH in the EB only GH.
  9. I emailed AR like 3 days ago and they said they had the EB in RH still. You should try them and see if one is still avalible; GOOD LUCK! My EB RH is on its way so they're still out there!!
  10. BalNY definitely still has the EB in RH. I called on Wednesday to ask about RH city stock and EB is still in stock. I also placed an order for a white city. :biggrin:
  11. good luck!! i love eb too :smile:

    ETA: try barneys, they usually have quite a bit of stock! there was a violet first at barneys on madison for months.
  12. Nah, I waitlisted for it and bought it right when they came in. I think it's terrible that they sold the one you had on hold right out from under you--that happened to me once with an impossible to find Marc Jacobs bag and I was furious!

  13. ^^ YUPP!! me to!!! they sent me their inventory, and they still have the RH city in EB! :yahoo: HURRY!!!!
  14. i am totally w/ you. love love GH
  15. They also have an EB city with RH at NM in Atlanta. Saw it yesterday, if you call, ask for Dennis....he is great!
    (404) 266-8200.