Can I just say - lumpy handles!

  1. Has anyone else noticed - the "Ediths" that are admitted by the sellers to be replicas (or priced so low on eBay that we know that's what they mean) have these lumpy-looking handles? Some of the good fakes have fairly well-scrumpled leather, but it seems to me the handles don't have that smooth sculpted shape of the real bag. The colour on a lot of the fake whiskeys is distinctly lighter than the real thing. But that could be the lighting/photography. Lumpy handles seem to be the giveaway - can anyone confirm that IRL the real bags do not have this lumpiness?
  2. I got my Edith off NM online, and it seems like the more I wear it around the softer my handles have gotten. Some parts looks a bit lumpy maybe, but I'm not sure if anyone elses has done this as well.
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